Disney x CLOT x MINDstyle 3-Eyed Mickey

July 5, 2011


One of Asia’s biggest toy conventions, ‘Taipei Toy Festival’ will see CLOT exhibit for the very first time. They will be showcasing a series of action figures, including the one we see above, the Disney x CLOT x MINDstyle 3-Eyed Mickey. These figures will be available for $132 USD for an 8″ version and $7,670 for a 5’3″ version (mono colorway only available in 8″ version). This collaboration is cool, but we feel it lacks substance and depth. Whats the point in creating a 3-eyed mickey? What does Mickey have to do with Mindstyle and CLOT? Why Mickey and not Donald or any other Disney character? There are so many questions we could reel off about this collaboration, but the bottom line is, Mickey has been given a 3rd eye and will be available for purchase at an over priced rate.

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