Book Review : The History of American Graffiti

July 30, 2011


If you are looking for a book with an in-depth history to graffiti in America, this book has got it all. Authors Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon definitely put it the hard yards in getting this book as precise and informative as possible. We’ve come across alot of graffiti related books, but nothing like this one… why? Because its a complete A-Z guide to the history of American Graffiti and by complete… we mean, COMPLETE.

This 397-page textbook is categorized by chronology and sub-categorized by American cities, which we really appreciate because it makes things much easier to understand and gauge when reading about such a massive culture. The cover is dope, but what lies underneath is even doper (we feel). As you unveil the top cover, hiding on the inside are vintage spray cans (see picture below).

What we also appreciate about this book is the fact that they have detailed features, profiles and interviews with certain artists like Cost, Revs, Twist, Revok and more. Giving us a first hand experience about how it all started, their influences and an abundant more. Have we mentioned it is a really good read yet?

The History of American Graffiti book is one of those books you keep and hand down to your children like encyclopedias and dictionaries because some where in the near future, this book will be what we will look back on for all our graffiti answers. Great read overall and we highly recommend you get a copy of your’s today at all good bookstores near you. More images of the book below.

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