Anime Review: Evangelion : 222 You Can (Not) Advance

July 24, 2011

If you have been an Eva fan since they started the TV series, you would’ve been skeptical about their four part movie remake called “Rebuild of Evangelion”. Even I was a bit uncertain of how they could make it better then it already is. Part 1.11 was pretty average when it came out and I was thinking it would be the same with 2.22, but after watching it, I was totally blown away with the evolution and direction of where the creators have taken Eva.

Even though 2.22 covered a lot of different episodes in comparison to 1.11, it was more original and enlightening to see new faces and fresh tweaks to original plots from the TV series. Having said that, the dark depressing bits of the series are still very evident in both the 00 and 01 Eva pilots, but its good that they injected some positivity with Mari Illustrous Makinami, a new enthusiastic Eva pilot.

The fight sequences were as captivating and exciting as always and definitely worth every second of your time. The 3D animation to this film is flawless in every respect and I have to say, Gainax executed 2.22 very well. Great watch indeed!

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Fat Kids rating 9/10

Words by Benny Teh

Watch Eva 2.22 Trailer below:

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