Transformers “Grimlock” USB Optical Mouse

June 11, 2011


When we were a kid (we kinda still are in a way), we thought Transformers were the coolest things ever invented. Fo’ real… what could be cooler than cars that turn into robots? Right??! Then they introduced Grimlock and the other Dinobots, and that took it to the next level. As an adult, alot of us don’t have room in our lives for a lot of things that transform into other things, but this USB Mouse gets 100% exemption. With this mouse… work will definitely get done alright (NOT)… cop it for only $57 now.

Source: USB

One Response to Transformers “Grimlock” USB Optical Mouse

  1. connie says:

    Transformers are cool. I need that would give me more reasons to sit around. lol

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