The latest news from 3A Toys

June 22, 2011


Ashley Wood and the 3A Toys crew have been mad busy prepin’ for the SDCC and other releases, so much so that they have 4 different announcements and releases to cover. Firstly, its their 3rd anniversary and to celebrate this special occasion they are releasing an Action Portable Pudding Boss figure that come in three different faces, which is ready for pre-orders now. Secondly, they will be dropping a 1/6-scale JEA Dropcloth, which will also come with a Square and all the weapons seen so far with the Dropcloth series (machete, pistol, shotgun and machine gun) this Friday. Thirdly, their APAK Hatchery Guard release last week has officially sold out and last but not least, we will be blessed with an SDCC exclusive, the Ascended Action Portable Popbot and Kitty very soon. Phew, that was a mouth full….Hit the jump for more images.

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