The Kebab King: World’s Most Expensive Kebab worth $1,225 (£750.10)

June 7, 2011

We love our kebabs but not enough for us to pay $1,225.35(£750.10) for one…. but there are some elite foodies out there that would. Introducing the worlds more expensive kebab by Andy Bates made from some of the worlds most exquisite ingredients. Here is a breakdown of whats inside this kebab:
Shoulder of milk-fed lamb – £84
Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes – £20
Micro Cress and Bibb Salad – £11.95
Chili Peppers – £35
Barrel Aged Feta Cheese – £54.20
Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil – £26.95
Purple violet potatoes – £15
Edible gold leaf and platinum – £130
Saffron – £138
Krug Champagne – £195
Other ingredients (garlic, lemon, salsa, mint, cucumber, yoghurt) – £40
Total: £750.10

This better taste good!

Source: Newslite/The Sun

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