Saturday Monster Cartoons – The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

June 11, 2011

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (broadcast between 1986 and 1989) was an American animated Space Western television series created by Robert Mandell and Gaylord Entertainment Company.

The series combined sci-fi stories with traditional Wild West themes. It was one of the first anime-style shows produced mainly in the USA, although the actual animation was done by the Japanese animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha. At the time it aired, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was considered a revolutionary children’s show.

The show is set in the future when two aliens from the planets Andor and Kirwin travel to Earth to search for allies against the expansionist Crown Empire led by the Queen of the Crown. In return for the help, the two aliens gave mankind construction plans for a hyper drive device. After this key event in human history, interstellar travel flourished and a huge number of colonies emerged in distant star-systems. Alongside the growth of human activities in space, criminal activities also grew, and the new colonies required defence against various threats, including the Crown Empire. A group known as “BETA” (Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs) was founded to cope with these tasks, with a “Ranger” division being a part of it.

The Series-5 Brain Implant or S5 is implied to be the closest mankind will ever get to merging with cybernetics. The S5 implant enables a dramatic boost of innate abilities due to its unique conversion of bio-electrical power generated by alpha radiation stored within the badges worn by the Galaxy Rangers.

This cartoon was very 80’s as it was sci-fi mixed with rock music, no range of merchandise to go with it, good versus evil, and lots of action. The characters were diverse and each had their own individual role and personality where every child could relate to such as the strong leader Zachary Foxx, the rebellious cool guy gunslinger Shane Gooseman, the female martial arts expert with psychic powers Niko, and the token black guy Walter “Doc” Hartford who is a doctor and can communicate with technology.

Kevin Monster’s fun fact: this cartoon was so popular it also had its own music video.

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