Ron English – ‘Grin and Bear It’ 100% Be@rbrick

June 14, 2011

In conjunction with Zac Pac’s presentation of Ron English’s first Japanese solo show ‘Popaganda in Japan’, Medicom will be releasing a 100% ‘Grin and Bear it’ Be@rbrick. A clever play on the idiom using Ron’s ‘Grin’ family of characters with skeletal smiles and the ‘Bear’brick. This release features a vaguely Rolling Stone’s-esque tongue logo morphed into a person being swallowed or consumed on the rear of the figure. The blue + hot pink design seems appropriate for the master of ‘pop’aganda. Retailing at 1764 yen ($22), it will be available at the show in Japan, ZacPac’s site, as well as @ SDCC in the Toy Tokyo book.

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