Red Bull Wreckers Yard 2011 Trans Tasman Final: Event Recap

June 28, 2011

Congratulations to Sofles, the Trans Tasman champion of the Red Bull Wreckers Yard!

This past Saturday Brisbane-based graff artist Sofles beat some of the best graff artists from Australia and New Zealand in the Red Bull Wreckers Yard, a live painting competition. Wildcard entry Sofles battled against Itch (Melbourne), Gimiks (Brisbane), William (Perth), Store (Adelaide), Peque (Sydney), Yelz (Wellington) and Seekayem (Auckland) in this progressive grafff contest.

Over the past four weeks, Red Bull Wreckers Yard has been taking street art culture from dark alleyways and train tracks to the people in seven qualifier rounds in seven major cities across Australia and New Zealand. The touring competition ended with a big bang at the Trans Tasman Final in Fitzroy, the hub of Melbourne street art. The Evelyn Hotel converted their rooftop for one night only to street art enthusiasts especially for the occasion!

The night was an inspiring visual and aural experience for the 700-strong crowd, with DJ Perplex spinning tunes, while Melbourne’s own MC Briggs played host to hundreds of onlookers. Graff fans watched as some of their favourite artists were pitted against one another in a live painting battle. In each round, the two competing artists were each provided with a blank canvas, a common theme chosen randomly and three minutes to choose their Ironlak paint colours and dream up their masterpiece. A panel of three industry experts – Chris Henderson (Acclaim Magazine), Jeremy Gaschk (Rtist Gallery) and Sirum (Ironlak) judged artwork based on creativity, style and theme interpretation.

New Zealand’s MC David Dallas put on a grand performance to finish what was an epic national event series. Winner Sofles said it best, “Wreckers Yard is a great event that brings lots of fun people together and gives good opportunities to grafffiti artists. Street art is starting to come out as a legitimate form of art and I’m glad Red Bull is supporting it.”

Sofles took home the major prize pack of $2,000 cash, a G-Shock and Skullcandy prize pack, and the opportunity to grafff part of the Red Bull HQ in Sydney. He’ll also get to design a set of limited edition Skullcandy headphones.

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