Product Review : Shwood Canby Zebrawood

June 1, 2011

We are suckers for awesome packaging… and Shwood have definitely hit the spot for us. When you purchase a pair of Shwood’s, you will be presented with a nice wood grain paper box or alternatively you can chose to upgrade to a wooden slider hardcase. They are both equally dope!

The paper box comes with a darker colored sleeve with Shwood logo lasered on one panel and their moto, “Experiment with Nature” lasered on another. The inner box that holds the sunglasses comes with a stamp on the side with the model details.

If you think that’s all, you’re in for a surprise when you open the box, because a really nice hand-made tweed sunglass bag awaits you. Shwood have definitely put in a lot of effort in making their packaging look really good. It’s true when they say people eat with their eyes…. We were definitely amazed by the effort and quality put into presenting these sunglasses.

Construction, Materials and Feel
For some reason we had this pre-conception that these wooden sunnies were going to be heavy, but Shwood proved us wrong as their glasses weight next to nothing…. and we mean NEXT TO NOTHING! That was the first thing we noticed as soon as we picked it up.

The second thing that really impressed us was the quality of wood used. The Canby Zebrawood was not only light but tough and looked amazing… Love the texture and feel of it. There’s very minimal branding on these sunnies, which we love. There’s only the Shwood logo lasered on the outer left arm. There’s also a “Handmade in Oregon” lasered on the inner section of the same arm.

Third most impressive feature of these Shwood Canby’s are the spring loaded hinges (which is also fitted in all their other models). It can fit any face size without any problems. You won’t even feel a thing when you put them on. Its amazingly comfortable and light.

To top it all off, you have an option of purchasing polarized lenses with your Canby’s (or any model for that matter of fact). Score!

If you’re thinking of a change from your acetate sunnies, why not hit up Shwood HERE. They’ll look after you.

Fat Kids rating : 9/10

Words by Benny Teh
Photography by Fat Kids

15 Responses to Product Review : Shwood Canby Zebrawood

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  2. Williams says:

    Not worth it. I’ve owned two pairs and they all break in the same place.

  3. Lara says:

    I completely agree with Williams above. The sunglasses are definitely not worth it – despite careful treatment of the glasses, the frame cracked in numerous places (perhaps to do with humidity?) and rather than a helpful reply to my email, Shwood customer service sent an incredibly rude response placing the blame on me.

  4. Sarah says:

    These glasses are completely overpriced! I didn’t get to wear the glasses before they cracked in three places. I agree with Lara about customer service. They were very rude and said they would get back to me but never did. I would advise people not to buy these glasses!

  5. Missy says:

    I would also advise people not to purchase these. They broke in the frame for the nose. Cool to look at, but impractical.

  6. Mariadivina Cain says:

    A great buy if you only want to have them for a month. My pair broke in the frame of the nose also. Definitely having buyers remorse over these.

  7. deano says:

    A month? Try a week (literally, a week…). I wore mine twice before I noticed a crack in the frame. I kept them in the hard case the whole time as well. I have submitted the warranty form, hopefully my luck is better than the people commenting above.

  8. Ronny_Pudding says:

    Weird, mine broke on the nose too. I’d love to strangle whomever made these and ripped me off. Keep it up Shwood and someone will kick your asses before you know it.

  9. Former Shwood Fan says:

    Do not buy these. Mine also broke and contacted customer service. They refuse to replace under warranty but did off 30% off on a future purchase. These extremely fragile.

  10. waldi says:

    completely rubbish don’t buy it ,broken on nose frame

  11. Joseph says:

    SUCKS – and Customer Service Was Terrible. Maybe they should stick to plastic

  12. Arthur says:

    I agree. Although I really wanted wooden sunglasses, these simply did not hold up to the standards I had in mind for them.

    I searched for an alternative, and came across Bohten eyeglasses ( They’re super cool, and have not cracked after 3 months (knock on wood). Would definitely recomend bohtens to anyone looking for a cool alternative

  13. Curt says:

    I really liked mine. However they don’t stay on my face very well. And although mine did break, it was because I sat on them, not because of some product defect.

  14. Rusty shackleford says:

    You I wanted to clear it up. Was it the wood that was fragile or what. I’m sorry hear that from all of you but I still want them, they look Effin dope. But I want a pair of plastic ones from there 50/50 line…they look like wayfares but with a touch of would on the arms…let me know what you think please

  15. Shamus McNutt says:

    Yo Guys,

    Theres a new company launching out of CO called “EverTree Optics” and they’ve been doing R&D on wood glasses and have definitely worked out the tweaks with the humidity and hinge fracture issue. Definitely check them out soon! They’re on instagram and twitter. Starting with Bamboo and black walnut frames, polarized iridium lenses and will be sold at an affordable price range of $59.99-89.99


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