Marcus Troy – The Mavericks Project Bespoke Session

June 17, 2011

Last year, Marcus Troy embarked on a digital collaborative project with Nike Sportswear to bring us The Mavericks Project.

The Mavericks Project was about telling stories and sharing stories from athletes and people from all around the world. The response was incredible and people from all over shared their most intimate stories on the Maverick Project microsite as well as the iTunes app. The project resonated in people’s hearts and minds worldwide, sparking wide conversation about being a Maverick and discovering one’s Maverick spirit. The stories and project were picked up by The Huffington Post, The Examiner and countless other news outlets who found the concept and idea to be brilliant.

One of the main incentives for sharing your story for the project was the opportunity to create a Bespoke shoe with Marcus Troy at 21 Mercer Street in NYC. The popular Bespoke customization experience is like none other. The chance to design your own Air Force One with a team of Nike professionals is simply mind-blowing. As part of the Marcus Troy Experience, two winners were picked from the countless Maverick Project stories to partake in this moment.

Carlos Sanchez and Timothy Rodrigues were the two winners of this initiative. These two individuals were brought down to New York City to work with Marcus Troy on some Bespokes. Enjoy the video.

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