Greg Hervieux x Atelier PALOMARES ‘Gold’ Skateboard Deck

June 2, 2011


If this deck is not insane… we don’t know what else is.
Introducing the Greg Hervieux x Atelier PALOMARES ‘Gold’ Skateboard Deck.

After its successful collaboration with Domeau and PERES, he does it again with a new premium material: gold leaf. Assuming that they have in France some of the best gold leaf craftsmen in the world. He decided to work with l’Atelier Antoine PALOMARES to make a skateboard completely gilded with gold leaf of 22 carats. L’atelier Antoine PALOMARES are into “gold leaf proces” since 5 generations and are considered the finest craftsmen in the world. They are taking care of Le Chateau de Versailles since the late nineteenth century.

The challenge was, as the board and Domeau PERES leather, the meeting of two worlds: French luxury and french-savoir-faire meeting street-culture. The people from PALOMARES was not necessarily those that were hardest to convince. Let’s see what skaters, street-culture fans, art peoples etc will think of such an extraordinary object like this…

The other aspect of this collaboration lies in the fragility of this type of operation: That’s why they used the plexiglass box (or crystal frame). It was impossible to leave the board and the gold leaf in the open air. The slightest trace of finger could leave a very bad oxidizing trace and those gold leaf are more than fragile. This completely transparent box is stepping up the whole object.

Thanks to those both twists, the skateboard seems like frozen into gold. Timeless and untouchable. A true collector’s item. Rare and unique.

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