Gig Review : ONYX @ The Espy (Melbourne)

June 15, 2011

Bacdafucup! Just Bacdafucup!

Even after 20 years Sticky and Fredro still held it down on stage with amazing presence and crowd command.

I didn‘t know what to expect from the 20 year veterans and being their first time in Australia, who knows how it would be like…? But both Fredro and Sticky murdered it and definitely made all Onyx fans walk away smiling last Thursday.

After meeting up with the boys and having a heavy dinner we shot straight to The Espy in St Kilda. It wasn’t until 12.30 that ONYX came out, but we thought, we’d just chill and catch some of the opening acts. After the long wait… the sound of Sticky’s voice resonated through the room and literally sent chills down my spine. “Yeaaaaaa… whatttt… Melbourne City….!”

The lights dimmed and the DJ cued up their first track… and it had to be “Throw Ya Gunz”. As soon as both Fredro and Sticky stormed on stage and the beat kicked in, the crowd roared in excitement and the roller coaster ride began. Onyx definitely put on a performance well worthy of praise.

They did heaps of classic from their album bacdafucup, which was good and also a few new tracks from their up-coming release (hopefully it’ll sound as awesome as their 93’ release). Overall, an awesome show and definitely a night to remember. Welcome to oz and thank you for an amazing show ONYX! Braaap!

Words by Benny Teh
Photography by Carlos Ten for Fat Kids

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