Gig Review : Biz Markie @ The Espy

June 16, 2011

Its true when they say, talent rules over looks… Biz is one ugly dude in real life but his music and talent is pure genius. We got so much love and respect for the man, and even more so cuz he’s still reppin’ it after 20/30 years in the game.

Personally I wished there were more people at the gig for Biz to perform to… but having an intimate crowd isn’t all that bad. As Grandmaster Cool V warmed the crowd up with some classic 90’s hiphop and good ol’ funk, we were just coolin’ at the corner near the sound engineer (everyone knows, the best sounds are always near the engineer). Why? DUH!

Growing’ up listening to Biz and being inspired by his music, it just felt surreal having him stand 5 feet away singing and rappin’. When Biz graced the stage he had everyones attention instantly, not because of how big he was, but his vocal command. He did everything from beatboxing to rapping, singing and covering more then just his own songs.

It was a very enjoyable, feel good type of night and the punters that were there surely enjoyed themselves. Everyone was dancing and singing along to his tunes. The best bit I reckon was when he busted out “Just a Friend”. The whole room was singing along with him as soon as the chorus kicked in.

“You….. you got what I neeeeeeed…. You say he’s just a friend…. You say he’s just a friend…. Oooh babyyy….”

What can I say… It’s the BIZ!
Thanks for an awesome show.

Words by Benny Teh
Photography by Carlos Ten for Fat Kids

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