Custom Mad Ls by Red Mutuca

June 30, 2011

Today we get to have a look at 2 custom Mad Ls completed for a private collector, by Igor and Sergio of Red Mutuca – based on the “Brazilian Folklore” theme. Great work guys! Lovin’ it.

“Boi Bumbá” is based on a figure from a very popular regional festival here in Brazil. It’s a story of a Bull that dies by a cowboy who is in charge of him, but is magically brought back to life by a priest and his music.” – Igor Ventura.

“Curupira” is based on a legend of a supernatural boy that protects the forest. His feet are backwards, so his footsteps point in the wrong direction, confusing hunters who may try to follow his tracks.” – Sergio Mancini.

More images after the jump.

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