Bring On A Heart Attack With Bacon Gravy

June 3, 2011


Wow. Just wow. We’re not sure what else we can possibly say about this gravy, other than we want it on everything and is perfect for all fat kids out there. Since it’s a country gravy, first we tried it on biscuits. Delicious. Then we tried it on chicken fried steak. Delicious. Then we tried it on fried chicken. Delicious. Then we tried it on baked potatoes, sprinkled with crumbled TacBac. DOUBLE DELICIOUS. Then we used it instead of mayo on a BLT and about died. (Near death experience was caused by deliciousness, not heart attack, just FYI.)

To sum it up, Bacon Gravy is delicious on just about everything that tastes good with bacon. Or gravy. It’s the nectar of the gods and if you want to drink it straight from the bowl, you should. Since Bacon Gravy comes in powdered form, you can store it in your Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Kit. Simply mix one packet of Bacon Gravy with one cup of water for instant smoky, salty, creamy gravy. Each order of Bacon Gravy comes with eight packets, enough for eight cups of gravy.

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