Best In Show Munny for Munnyworld Megacontest by Sergio Mancini

June 1, 2011

Brazilian artist Sergio Mancini of Red Mutuca won the Top Prize of BEST IN SHOW for his entry in the Munnyworld Megacontest with his PROJECT:MUNNY entry, and wins an 18-inch Munny (which he mentioned he’ll do another custom of) and as well a spot in Kidrobot’s Dunny 2012 Series!

These were the judges comments: “There are many aspects to why this piece is so brilliant, both in concept and execution. The clever concept really displays the true form of MUNNY. By taking the idea of “doing it yourself” crossed with a monkey character (inspiration for the platform), the simplicity of the platform is truly respected in this highly controlled custom. The striking execution is spot on and looks like a production piece already. You can tell the artist had his eyes on the prize, and was intent on taking a spot in Dunny Series 2012 when conceiving this design.

Congratulations to Sergio Mancini for taking it out.

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