Wei & Friends (W&F) Atelier 101.1 Watch

May 9, 2011


W&F (“Wei & Friends”) represents a small, independent, Prague-based atelier founded by designer and watchmaker Martin Weichert (“Wei”). With a passion for pure design, it devises and manufactures wristwatches with unique spirit and original design. It is the only watch atelier based in the Czech Republic that we’re aware of, which is to be applauded. Why? W&F very obviously places emphasis on the design and “hand made” qualities of their watches. Movements and cases are (wisely) sourced from Switzerland and Germany. Here is a look at the 101.1, one of their first models — a sharp looking timepiece, boasting a number of innovations. Click link below to check out more details.

Source: PT

One Response to Wei & Friends (W&F) Atelier 101.1 Watch

  1. Danny says:


    Do you have any current contacts for this watch?



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