The Legend of the Volley

May 30, 2011


Volleys have long played an integral role in Australian tennis and pop culture history. They helped Evonne Goolagong win Wimbledon in 1971, were painted black by ACDC’s Angus Young, set foot on Mount Everest and have even been chucked at John Howard on Q&A.

In fact, history holds that the Volley has been well worn since 1939, when a legendary Australian tennis player represented the nation at the Davis Cup. Not only did he win the title, along his travels he also discovered a classic and the Volley was born.

In celebration of the Volley range being recreated to its former glory, VICE and Volley have set out to fast-track this story into contemporary folklore. Having invited three modern storytellers to retell their own version of events in their own style, distinctly individual performances from behind the lens have delivered brilliant and idiosyncratic short films.

‘Player One’ by Endsum sees a hero traversing a post apocalyptic landscape in a mythic quest for a brand new pair of Volleys. Once found, a surreal transformation sees the rag wearing traveller altered into a haloed, sporting god, resplendent in all white attire. Dan Brophy‘s ‘Hipster Holyman’, meanwhile, is an irreverent take on the world’s most famous father and son relationship. A modern day messiah agonising over his chosen vocation, wishing only for the opportunity at glory on the tennis court. ‘Land Meets Man’, by Tooth & Claw, sees a listless lifeboat bringing ashore a solitary, sunburnt drifter. We follow his bizarre journey to the match of his life where a chance meeting with an elderly magician gives him the key to victory.

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