Saturday Monster Cartoons – Bravestarr

May 14, 2011

People who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s had something special that is missing today, if you are one of these people like me you would remember waking up around 6AM, turn on the television, sit in front of it with a huge bowl of cereal that had major sugar content, and watch Saturday Morning Cartoons until 12PM.

Unfortunately due to cartoons that are motivated by merchandise sales, it is really difficult to find cartoons that are well written and have great story lines where kids can learn good versus evil instead of learning how a stupid spinning top could mean so much, or how a card game is so important.

I will regularly bring back fond memories from Saturdays past and to kick things off, here is Bravestarr. It is about a Galactic Marshall stationed on the planet “New Texas.” He is a Native American who can call upon the power of “spirit animals” when he fights his villains.

The spirit animal powers are:
Eyes of the Hawk: Enhances his vision and can also grant him an aerial view of the surrounding area.
Ears of the Wolf: Gives him super-hearing.
Strength of the Bear: Gives him super-strength.
Speed of the Puma: Gives him super-speed.


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