Rude Self-Inking Stamps

May 31, 2011


You get a memo handed to you by the office’s resident tree killer. It’s a verbose piece of paper requesting a tremendous asset allocation for an absolutely idiotic idea. You want to write a big NO on it, but somehow that seems so tame. A few seconds of pondering, and you know what needs to be done. You get out your Rude Self-Inking Stamps and go to town.

The joy of the Rude Self-Inking Stamps is not just what the bold words say. Besides each are three checkboxes to further add emphasis to your ire. Your stamp the WTF stamp on the paper first, and check the third box: “!?” Then you stamp your Thanks for Being stamp. You vacillate between checking “You” or “A$$hole,” when you realize you must choose “Both.” Now you have fully insulted the tree killer, you have used your Rude Self-Inking Stamps to perfection, and you understand why the header on this page is funny.

Cop yours HERE today.

One Response to Rude Self-Inking Stamps

  1. Artis says:

    Good advertising! I like!

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