Rotobox Jumbo Godaikin Golion Custom

May 16, 2011


Rotobox (Stephen and Spencer Ong) returns to Voltron (aka Godaikin Golion) with their third Qee based custom. This time around they went Jumbo size. The new one-off piece features four 8” detachable Qee lions and a large 16” Qee forming the main body/head. As cool as their two previous 8” Voltron customs were, this one is far and away superior with the transforming / joining action straight out of the cartoon. Check out more images of their amazing work or alternatively you can visit them HERE for more info.

One Response to Rotobox Jumbo Godaikin Golion Custom

  1. Gabriel Pena says:

    i know I was told about 2 years ago that, that the jumbo goLion was not for sale.
    But after all this time.
    I still want one

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