Nike Presents: The Pool Opening Recap

May 17, 2011

Lads in the UK will be stoked to know that there’ll be a new pool they can shread at. Nike recently converted Dagenham’s old ’70s public swimming pool into a unique BMX facility, with the help of park designer Dave Sowerby. It is currently opened to the public until June 12, 2011, with an ongoing 4-week program of core events, community interaction and beginner workshops run with bikes, supervision, pads and helmets available. The opening event (that happened last week) featured appearances by Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Harry Main, Jason Phelan, Alex Kennedy, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Kachinsky, Drew Bezanson, Van Homan and Sebastian Keep.

Photography: Niran Vinod
Source: HB

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