Night & Day Raku 8” Dunnys by Huck Gee

May 8, 2011

Kidrobot have decided to make 8″ production piece of Huck Gee’s Gold Life custom figures. The Raku 8” Dunny will be produced in two versions (Day and Night) and in two colorways (Red and Black), which is very reminiscent of Huck’s Shogun and Geisha 8” Dunnys released way back in 2007.

Raku is forever on the road, an unassuming traveler by day, a purveyor of the wealthy by night. Each version of Huck Gee’s Gold Life Raku 8” Dunny will be limited to just 500 figures, meaning there will be 2,000 Raku’s released in total. Daylight’s cloth-robed Raku comes with an expertly sculpted tail, removable peasant sandals and plastic bamboo hat, and travels with a coiled rope, bedroll, and walking staff in-hand. Night’s ninja Raku trades his peasant hat for a wind-whipped mask and adds a formidable blade and tekagi-shuko to his lethal arsenal. All four versions will retail for $100 each.

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