maharishi 2011 Fall/Winter “Into The Light : Survival 2012″ Collection Lookbook

May 27, 2011


This season maharishi presents a modern Special Forces-inspired collection entitled “Into The Light : Survival 2012″. The range features high tech webbing and other technical and utilitarian details reinterpreted for the 2012 Survival Forces, with focus on protection and function in the urban environment. The collection uses Swiss riri waterproof zips and many Swiss made fabrics including the densely woven naturally waterproof organic cotton ETA, Schoeller cloth with anti-abrasion Kevlar fibres, alongside more elaborate pieces in several types of 3M reflective material which only turn on when exposed to direct white light; incorporated within construction thread, cloth, print ink and embroidery threads. A darkened palette of black and charcoal makes up the main color theme of the collection. Highlights include a Ghillie Sniper Jacket made from hand-tied burlap strands, a Black Emperor Parka with reflective highlights, a super modern interpretation of the formal Emperor Robe worn by Chinese nobility since the 14th century, formal Official Mil Shirting, Zipped Jodphur Pants, MA-1 x Fishtail Parka, a Reflective DPM: Desert Hex Parka, and Ballistic heart protector plates housed within iPad cases and detachable bags on several styles. This is one amazing collection not the be overlooked. Check out more images of the collection after the jump.

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