Fat Kids TV presents Boombox feat. Lamaroc 1 of 5

May 31, 2011

Everyone has got a story about the boombox, its such an iconic musical instrument. In conjunction with our Boombox event, we got together with some of the most influential Bboys, Bgirls and DJs in Melbourne to talk about their Boombox experience. Part 1 of 5 features legendary Bboy Lamaroc from the Fresh Sox Crew, Mighty Zulu Kingz, 7$ and Nomadic Funk (more battle details below) talkin’ about growing up with his mum’s boombox…and yes we do love the Boombox Lama. Check out the video above and enjoy!

Lamaroc Titles:
Throwdown 1 & 2 Winners (2001 & 2002)
2003 Battle of the Year Solo Champion
2004 Bodyrock Footwork Champion
2005 Freestyle Session Japan
Australian B-boy Championships winners (2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 5 times reigning champions)
2009 Outbreak (Perth)

Directed by Benny Teh
Shot and Edited by Project Faldon & Billy Tea
Music by Zu

Watch it on Youtube HERE

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