Carbon Day 2 (Finale) Recap

May 2, 2011

Day 2 of the Carbon Festival kicked off with Futura (aka Leonard) headlining the “Craftsmanship and Imagination” forum, along with Anthony Lister, Brett Chan and Beci Orpin.

“Just fucking get to work” – Futura

Well said by the 56-year-old graff veteran, who raises a very valid point. It seems today’s society want fame and fortune but lack the aspiration and dedication to enhance and master their craft. What better way to create and make use of your imagination then by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work?

Futura also suggested in order to stay relevant you should steer clear of 3 things; arrogance, complacency and greed. Being the humble and respected writer that he is, these 3 things are not needed in ones development.

“I just really like to paint” – A. Lister

Passion for painting and wanting to continuously progress is a big part of any artist’s life, and that was the key to Anthony’s huge success on an international scale. Although he never planed on how he would transition or balance between street art and fine art, the vision and dedication (which Futura spoke about) drove him to developing his current style and work.

After viewing pieces of Anthony’s work, Brett Chan takes us to the top of the hill where he grew up and explains his creative process in the simplest form. “Imagine things – I dare you – Let’s Party”. With 3 very simple statements, Brett managed to capture the attention of the whole room. Not only did he question the crowd but also invited everyone to imagine what they could be or do and to dared them to follow that passion And last but not least; to party hard!

After a quick break and a walk through the swap meet, forum 2 kicked off with talks from Noah C. Bever (Complex), Frank Liew (Qubic), Chooee Hwang(Streetthing) and Alex Weiland(Acclaim).

“The Art of Hype” was a forum many were hangin’ out to listen to, particularly Noah from Complex speak about how the company started and direction they are going.

“You need to be clear with what you want…” – Noah C. Bever

Being one of the favorite magazines amongst street culture enthusiasts, they managed to climb the ladder in the magazine industry by employing social media, artist association, and every possible tool available to them (too many to mention). Noah also explained the process of their features, such as the top 100 list of Eminem songs, and why it was important to curate content for their website.

As always, the ever-knowledgeable Frank Liew from Qubic Store took it to the next level with his take on the art of hype. His presence and speech alone commanded attention.

“Its good to know statistics of your demographics. But trends are shifting and demographics are no longer what determines what’s cool… PSYCHOGRAPHICS does” – Frank Liew

Frank’s talk, in our opinion, was one of the most intriguing talks throughout the Carbon event. That statement alone about psychographics got everyone in the room thinking… it sure got us thinking. Statistically, 70% of consumers in the 21st century do not react to traditional advertising anymore, and to counter that, a lot of marketers and advertisers are looking at alternatives in presenting their products.

“Interest is important… if I’m not interested in a certain topic, I couldn’t care less.” – Frank Liew

Sparking interest is another point Frank tried to put across about how trends are being set these days.

Chooee and Alex both spoke on honest communication and approaching content in a different manner. According to both speakers, people are bored with the standard press releases; they want to be excited and intrigued. They want a story about how a certain product is being created. They want to be apart of the process.

“Your friends are your influencers, not you icons.” – Chooee Hwang

Hopefully After 2 full days of idea sharing, those in attendance would have gone home with inspiration and ideas ready to create and contribute to our ever-growing industry (here in Australia). We at Fat Kids have definitely been blessed to have been able to be apart of such an inspiring event and would like to give a big shout out to Acclaim for putting on such a great event once again. Keep on inspiring.

words by Benny Teh
edited by Matthew Pham


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