Vespera by Raynkazuya

April 4, 2011


“Vespera is a fallen Angel who was part of the daemon host, but was caught working for the other side after she fell. As punishment for betraying the dark armies, the daemon council had her wings physically removed and replaced with spider legs. She now solely works for the daemons while holding grudges against them. She is currently working in Europe and Asia under the command of the great daemon, but is secretly plotting her own domination of the human world. She uses a Giant spider as her minion to aid her in her evil deeds.” – Raynkazuya

What more can we say about this epic fantasy illustration by Raynkazuya? We’ve been absolutely blown away by the details in this piece. Great work Raynkazuya… we bow to you!
ps. makes us wish we took art class when we were a younger now.

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