Suicidal Tendencies x ZacPac – S”K”UM-kun Toy “Stay Gold” Version

April 29, 2011


We’ve seen little previews of the Suicidal Tendencies x ZacPac – S”K”UM-kun Toy a while back and we’ve been hanging to see the complete toy. Wait no more homies, as legendary skate punk rock band, Suicidal Tendencies will be dropping 100 pieces of the S”K”UM-kun Toy “Stay Gold” Version along side ZacPac for 8925 YEN each. If you don’t know already, this figure was designed and sculpted by Knuckle from Little Chop Design, with an exposed brain, teeth and Suicidal Cross is gold. This as well is the first toy ever made that can wear New Era mini cap (shown above). Its fully made in Japan and features 4 points of articulation. DOPENESS!

More detailed images after the jump.

3 Responses to Suicidal Tendencies x ZacPac – S”K”UM-kun Toy “Stay Gold” Version

  1. LA CREATURE 213 says:

    Where can I get one.

  2. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    Hey La Creature, You can get them HERE : but unfortunately it’s sold out. Hope we were able to help. ;o)

  3. Delayne Morris says:

    I am the biggest ST fan..have been for over 25 years!!! I would LOVE to have this toy – if there’s ANY way possible!!! Thank you! <3
    S.T. for life!!!

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