Nixon RPM Headphones

April 19, 2011


Nixon have been doing really well with not only their watches but headphones as well. To add to their successful line of headphones, here is a look at their latest RPM headphone. These babies are designed and tuned specifically for DJ monitoring with articulating joints, custom 40mm driver, interlocking coiled cable for professional connectivity and more. On top of looking good, they fold up into an ultra secure, custom molded travel case for extreme protection. What more can we say about these headphones? We love em’. Hit the jump for more details and images.


* custom 40mm driver tuned specifically for dj monitoring
* robust, articulating joints for full range of cueing orientations
* unique gel filled ear cushions create a comfortable uniform seal
* interlocking coiled cable for professional connectivity
* additional iphone compatible remote cable with microphone
* includes ¼ inch professional audio adapter
* ultra-secure, custom molded travel case


* Driver Type: 40mm dynamic
* Frequency Response: 18 – 20,000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 116 dB/V @ 1 kHz
* Impedance: 32 Ω
* Interface: 3.5mm and ¼ inch stereo analog
* Cable: Coil 2m PU & Mobile 1.3m TPE
* Weight: 347g

Source : Nixon

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