NES Classic Controller Mints

April 6, 2011


“Now you’re playing with power!” Ah, the old slogan of Nintendo. Sums it all up. But now we have NES Classic Controller Mints, and the slogan has to change. “Now you’re sucking with power!” “Now you’re playing with mint!” Um, maybe we should just stick to the original. What you should do, though is order some NES Classic Controller Mints!

NES Classic Controller Mints are very tasty little mints all stored in an almost-life-size NES classic controller tin. Eat the mints, freshen your gamer breath, and then enjoy the controller tin. Use it to practice your old school moves in boring meetings, for storing coins in, and really any other fun use you can think of. NES Classic Controller Mints are just two of our favorite things blended together: mints, NES, and nostalgia!

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