Movie Review: More Than a Game

April 19, 2011

To coincide with the NBA Playoffs, I will be reviewing a bunch of bball films over the next few weeks. The first one I decided to have a look at was More Than a Game.

More Than a Game is the story of a bunch of young, obscure and under privileged kids from Akron, Ohio who come together to form one of the best teams in US High School Basketball history. This film is a documentary, but is one of which is lucky enough to be documenting real history and reflecting on the achievements of the team.

The Fab 4, (later Fab 5) is make up of not only team mates, but best friends Dru Joyce III, Sian Cotton, Willie McGee, (Romeo Travis) and “The Chosen One” LeBron James.

Dru Joyce II (one of the player’s father) plays the narrator like character in the film. He started the team and coached the team through adversity and triumph.

More Than a Game is a stirring film. It tells a very heartwarming and sentimental story. Just to watch some of the early footage of LeBron James starting out is worth the watch in itself.

But, the film isn’t ONLY about LeBron James. (Don’t be fooled by the beginning of the trailer) More Than a Game is about a team. A team from a small, unknown town who became a phenomenon and rewrote the history of US High School Basketball.

I really liked this doco. I like how it’s not really a “puff piece” and doesn’t just tell you how amazing this team was, but how a real team actually operates. The friends, the team mates, the coaches, the former coaches, the parents, the crowds, the students…all of these are the real players in More Than a Game.

FAT KIDS RATING: 8 out of 10.
Review by Stuart Daulman.

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