Movie Review: Machete

April 5, 2011

Grindhouse was a film written directed and co-produced by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino in 2007. The Grindhouse double feature paid homage to the violent and gruesome exploitation films of the 70′s. Films back then used to be often be shown as double features, and what this almost new found genre allowed Tarantino and Rodriguez was, to work together, on 2 separate films and show them in the same breadth. This was the original reasoning behind the film’s production, and seeing the 2 together (with fake trailers and interval) really is a great experience. (If you’re in Melbourne, quite often you can see this at The Astor Theatre on Chapel St)

Machete was one of those fake trailers seen between the feature presentations of Planet Terror, and Bulletproof.

Here is the original trailer from Grindhouse.

Machete was, after seeing the double feature, one of the stand out trailers. And what can only be guessed was that Rodriguez must’ve received this positive feedback, and moved to make the REAL Machete.

Now with buzz, comes names and the buzz that surrounded Machete attracted a host of stars to the project. The Machete role call includes Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Martin, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson and Robert De Niro.

Soon afterwards an OFFICIAL trailer was released.

This was promising to be one of the films of 2010. But the film was released to mixed reviews, and didn’t make a bunch of money back at the box office.

I put off watching Machete until now.

Machete is a fun film. It shouldn’t be measured by it’s script, narrative, plot, characters or action and gore sequences. I really don’t think it can be reviewed fairly in that sense. If you want to REALLY enjoy Machete, go watch it for fun. Don’t expect Oscar winning performances, or breathtaking SFX, watch it because it’s fun. It’s fun watching people get cut up by a machete yielding illegal Mexican immigrant trying to “stick to the man” avenging his family’s death by a drug lord. It’s fun watching bad asses give catch phrases as they’re about to show someone “who’s boss”. It’s fun watching a man on a motorcycle with a chain gun attached to the handle bars launching through the air, unleashing hell on a bunch of redneck border patrollers. It’s fun.

If you want blood, guts, stunning Mexican senoritas, motorbikes, guns, knives, Steven Seagal, corny catch phrases, Lindsay Lohan nude in a waterfall, drug lords and evil American Senators, then watch Machete. It’s action packed, and it’s very funny.

If you want Oscar winning performances, watch The Kings Speech.


Review by Stuart Daulman.

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