Marvel Comics has a new Venom

April 16, 2011

Venom has been a fan favorite of Marvel comics for decades, and recently they have relaunched him with a new host and new look.

The symbiote’s powers are basic, it copies the look and powers of it’s first host who happens to be Spiderman, gives the wearer super strength, shape shifting abilities, creates a stronger web, and is able to go crazy and “hulk out” destroying everything in it’s path if not controlled.

The black symbiote was first possessed by Spiderman and was gotten rid of because it bonded with its host to become something more sinister and blood thirsty, the second host was fellow photo journalist Eddie Brock who at times fought against and sometimes with Spiderman and became the venom that everyone loved. During that stint as Venom, Eddie Brock worked with the government to become the “lethal protector” the bad guy that did good for the country.

The next host Mac Gargan who is also known as The Scorpion bought the symbiote from Eddie Brock at a super villain auction and the Venom symbiote took over him completely resulting in Venom being Venom unlike Peter and Eddie who were able to control it.

The military got it back and now gave it to Flash Thompson who lost his legs in the war, and will be using the symbiote to undertake special missions for the military. Each Venom has a different look every time it is with a new host and the Flash Thompson Venom looks great with its spec ops style.

After reading the first issue, i found it very enjoyable because it gave Thompson a lot of depth unlike the old venom comics which were just about Venom. It reveals the hardships Thompson goes through and what he is like without the suit as the military wont let him wear it for over 48 hours for the fear of the symbiote permanently bonding to him.

The inner struggles of the main character creates conflict for reader and make you feel sorry because without the symbiote Thompson is a cripple in a wheelchair living a miserable life trying to juggle both identities, when he bonds and becomes venom he gets his legs back and becomes a spec ops soldier doing what he loves, fighting for his country.

A very good read, and would like to see where marvel will go in the future with this title.

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