All Star Comics Melbourne

April 9, 2011

All Star Comics Melbourne (ACSM) located on 410 Londsdale Street level one, opened recently and has received many praises and positive feedback from all people who have walked into their doors from the iconic custom built décor to the best selection of comics you will ever find in Melbourne. This shop is owned by Mitch and Troy who have well nearly 30 years of experience in the comic industry.

ACSM is the only comic shop I know of that has embraced the power of social networking, which has built them a considerable fan base, they can be found on Blogspot and Facebook and if you add them you will have the chance to win many of their prizes by keeping up with their status updates by simply commenting or finding something on YouTube like a cyber scavenger hunt.

Their laid back environment makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk out of the elevator. The music, the colorful cover art of the comics, the retro items they have on display such as the Nintendo Entertainment System still in the box, and the comfy places to sit and read the comic you’ve purchased and can’t wait to go home to find out how Flash Thompson (the guy who bullied Peter Parker AKA Spiderman in high school) is now the new venom.

If you have any trouble making decisions on what to by, if you’re after any comic and movie news, Mitch and Troy are your guys, if they don’t know it or don’t have it they will find it for you to the best of their ability. Approachable, funny, and very friendly (nothing like the snobby comic book guy from The Simpsons) they will give you recommendations on what to read depending on the customers’ individual tastes, and i dare say that Mitch has never done me wrong in this field.

If you want comics or want to start somewhere go to a place with excellent customer service, huge range, even better prices, and with a friendly atmosphere. The Kevin Monster highly recommends you to go to 410 Londsdale Street, take the elevator up to level one and say hello to Mitch and Troy (pictured) of All Star Comics Melbourne.

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