adidas 60 hour face-off to decide Australia’s most passionate team

April 1, 2011

adidas have been on the hunt over the past few weeks in search for challengers willing to put their passion to the ultimate test and go all in for the ultimate reward – a trip to LA, $10,000 spending money and a VIP shopping experience.

In an Australian first, footy players will be pitted against dancers and skaters, while passionate soccer players and basketballers will take on renowned street artists – all six teams will go head-to-head for one grand prize.

The adidas ALL IN Challenge is the ultimate test of skill, endurance, teamwork, fun and much more as the challengers compete non-stop for 60 hours at Melbourne’s Queensbridge Square.
Teams of three will battle across all six categories; skate, dance, Aussie Rules, basketball, art and football in a true test of staying power, passion and determination.

You can check out the search thus far on facebook, where teams of three can nominate themselves to compete across six iconic adidas categories; basketball, football, Aussie Rules, dance, skate and art. The competition will challenge ordinary conventions of both endurance and longevity, as dancers attempt to outlast burly footy players and artists prepare to topple the staying power of skaters.

Participants won’t be alone during the challenge with a number of high profile athletes expected to attend the 60 hour long live event in Queensbridge Square from Monday, 18th to 20th April to offer their support and encouragement.

The adidas ALL IN Challenge celebrates adidas’ biggest ever global campaign and the Romain Gavras clip feat. Justice’s new song ‘ Civilisation’.

Would be winners should head to

Entries close on Friday, 8th April 2011. Hit it up ASAP Ya’ll!

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