Hook-​​Ups Skateboard Decks by Jen Lu

March 7, 2011


Ex pro skater, Jeremy Klein, started Hook-​​Ups 20 years ago with Per Welin­der, known for his skate­board stunts in Back to the Future. The Hook-​​Ups brand is made up of big tit­tie girls that were very iconic dur­ing the 90s anime explo­sion. The plan was reju­ve­nate the brand­ing with sig­na­ture Jen Lu flava. Hit the jump to check out more details.

One Response to Hook-​​Ups Skateboard Decks by Jen Lu

  1. Brandon pena says:

    Yes, owner of Hook-Ups Skate decks i would like to know if these are in Stock up for sale. If there is a website url for these to be purchase from. I would really appreciate it if these were real for value wise. Just really curious if these decks are really out because i’m really interest in finding out if these would be able legitimately to be purchase.

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