Casbia 2011 Fall/Winter “William” Shoes

March 7, 2011


Modern, stylish guys pay attention to fashion. But they are not driven by it. They also like tradition. But they are not stuck on it. They live, work, and dress somewhere in the middle. With few options on the shelves for guys who want qualities from both, they struggle to find essentials that are forward-thinking and flexible. Designed by Edmundo Castillo and Manuele Bianchi, Casbia fills this void in the market with essential goods that cull from the best of fashion and tradition to give modern, sophisticated qualities that are increasingly hard to find in one brand. The latest from Casbia comes in the brand’s “William” shoe for Fall/Winter 2011. Having released this style in the past, the shoe comes refreshed in a new colorway for the upcoming season, featuring sleek suede uppers with a seamless toe box and feather details adding just enough spunk. A release can be expected in the coming months so stay tuned.

Source: Casbia

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