Acronym Spring/Summer 2011 SET-1>4

March 10, 2011


We continue to preview pieces of the new Acronym Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. After showcasing the first video “Lightest Fastest Deffest Baddest” yesterday, we take a look today at the new Acronym Sets. The first Acronym set was created over 10 years ago and today the brand follows up with 4 new ones, once again fusing functionality and design into uniquely packaged sets.

“Both KIT-001 and SET-1 > 4 are about concentration. Fillerlessness. When we began we had limited resources. There simply wasn’t enough money to finance an entire collection the way we had envisioned it. To get around this roadblock we switched the ratios. Instead of one idea spread over many products, we took many ideas and fused them into a single unit. Years later, it’s kind of the same situation. With the difference that we’ve put everything that we’ve learned in the interim into the new items (the retail prices of the new sets are, for example, all *less* than the wholesale price of the original Kit).

In both cases we are/were also pushing limits. Not simply ‘packaging’ things together, but looking at the format of a set as an enabler to do things that can’t be done with traditional stand alone products. Things as mundane as packing and readiness for travel. Or entirely new ways to construct and ‘operate’ pockets (as with the swing-wing 3A-MF1 in SET-3). We’re always trying to do things that haven’t been done before. Learning and exploring being some of our primary motivators.”

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