“10 Years” Screen Print by Buff Monster

March 31, 2011

In honor of Buff Monster’s 10th Anniversary for doin’ what he does best, the LA based artist will be releasing a limited edition screen print. Buff’s always been a huge fan of silkscreening, so what better way to celebrate his decade long love for his art by creating 100 silk screen prints of his hand painted piece. This is what Buff had to say about the “10 Years” release.

“To create this one, I sat down and did an ink drawing based on a painting I did 10 years ago. Then I scanned it in, and separated out all the colors and sent it off to my printer. I also mailed the printer paint swatches so that each color would match the custom-mixed colors that I use in my paintings. I asked him to print on some thicker paper and I love how it turned out.”

“10 Years” is 5 colors on 18×24” rag paper and is signed and numbered out of 100.

Source: Buff Monster

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