Shepard Fairey @ All Tomorrow’s Parties USA 2011

February 18, 2011


For this years festivities, All Tomorrow’s Parties USA will be inviting special guest artist Shepard Fairey to be at the event, plus he has designed the poster for the event too (pictured above). This three day music extravaganza will surely be a must see. Portishead, Jeff Magnum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Shellac, Mogwai and DJ Shepard Fairey himself, are some of the artists that will be rockin’ it at ATP USA… so be sure to get on it asap.

One Response to Shepard Fairey @ All Tomorrow’s Parties USA 2011

  1. Natalie Martinez says:

    From the moment I heard Portishead a deep cord was struck in my heart & mind. Truly a place of dark reflection that can only be met by the haunting hallows in the voice of Beth Gibbons. VIsually I am specifically drawn to the underlining messages of Shepard Fairey; profound, clean, crisp, and marketable ( a word not intended to insult, but an applause at how your delivery in design is brilliant) Truth: the image above is the marriage of creative minds which I hold in high regard. Summary, I need to own this piece, it would be an honor to admire and hold within my very hands.
    Ps. I have tickets to the Portishead concert October 21 in San francisco.
    Life is grand.

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