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February 4, 2011

Whatup Los Niños Gordos!

For those of you who aint heard of us, and we’re guessing that’s pretty much the lot of you, we proudly rep Surry Hills (without the ‘e’) out here in ol Sydneytown. We started up just over 2 years ago in the middle of all that GFC bullshit (rad!) but thanks to our loyal customers are super stoked to be able to still be hustling today.

Loosely based on the Japanese select shop, we try to bring our customers only the best pieces from our favourite brands from around the globe. Alongside brands from the States, Japan, and Europe we also do a good few Aussie brands as well as our own HALFSLEEVE label. In the last few years our own little brand has been lucky enough to have collaborated with such people as Nanami Cowdroy, Julian Meagher, Luca Ionescu and photographer Yonehara Yasumasa.

We’re stoked and honoured to be the first shop to contribute to this Support Your Local initiative. Lets hope more shops jump on real soon and really make this blogspot a destination for everyone to come check-up on whats going down in their hoods.

You can aslo check us out anytime on our website, or at our facebook page. And look out for our online store coming soon.


5 Responses to HALFSLEEVE – Select Clothing and Lifestyle Shop

  1. joeblows says:

    Support your local….. that seems to be the most hypocrytical thing to come out of this shop and or the heads that run it.
    lets not beat around the bush. The Brands you stock those hat you see on hypebeast and those kind of sites.
    You guys DO NOT support your local artists, designers and or street wear brands at all, so excuse us for believing and communicating to anyone that cares – you are bunch of wannabee wankers !

    The difference between those outlets around the globe that truly support and get love, is their efforts in boosting the local talent.

    Until you realise that, to anyone who knows…. we all know exactly who you guys are!

  2. Matthew Pham says:

    The Support Your Local campaign is forum to recognise people who are making a effort to grow street wear in Australia despite where it comes from. If you don’t think these shops promote local talent enough and you know of a brand or artist that deserves representation go in and speak to the shop owner or send press release into Fat Kids. If it truly good enough it will succeed and will get noticed. Anonymous posts will not.
    Shops like HALFSLEEVE are representing local talent as well as internationally renowned brands, and for that we are grateful.

  3. Grim81 says:

    To the first guy:

    Have you ever been in the shop? They do not support local? Where do you think lables like Grand Scheme, Ol’ Good, and ATG come from? I am guessing you’re jealous cos you or your friend’s shop went bust. Keep barking on the internet you try hard!

  4. captain says:

    here’s my 2cents
    im from the hood.
    I come into the shop every now and then to see whats in and lets get things straight.
    You guys only stock limited numbers – enough for your friends – and more to the point….only those items banged out on HYPEBEAST
    you’ve stocked a couple of melbourne labels, again in limited numbers for your friends.
    You do nothing to support the sydney scene, other than try and push your own (LA attempt) at a label.

    support your scene is not about shops pushing labels in limted numbers, enough so they can make good cheeze and “be someone”
    I would rather support my man down at supply whos contributed to the sydney landscape for over 15 years than you fakers.

    you guys are nothing but bad potato and gravy.
    the proof is in the pudding.
    shall we hypebeast it…. !

    real heads definately know whats up !

    want to show support….. lets seem some well dressed vandals…. lets see some cream !
    ….. ah thats right…they aint on hypebeast !

    suckers !

  5. the TRUTH says:

    the reason why this topic and this store is now raging in sydney is because the fact is, these guys dont support THEIR LOCALS.
    Teik is a nice guy but everything said about them is true. They are in it for themselves and their mates. If you lived in sydney you would see first hand
    they are just a walk in for anything seen on hypebeast.
    there are DOPE labels in sydney and last time we checked with Dez Ol good was over about 2 years ago !
    Support your local is a great idea but you all need to check that the people you are asking to support actually support their scene also !
    we dont see them at gigs.. we dont see them at gallery shows we dont see them at anything except maybe the occasional sunday session.
    support your locals is a great idea for everyone but lets also be straight up…. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CITY if you want the city to support you !

    and lets hope the the moderator dosnt sensor our thoughts !!!!!!!

    TRUTH !

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