Bike Check 1 2 : 06 Fuji Track Pro

February 28, 2011


Frame / Size / Year:
06 fuji track pro (size 56)

Handlebars / Stem:
chopped and flopped risers/Thomson stem

Fork / Headset:
Fuji Track Pro carbon fork/ Cane Creek headset

Front Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
700c custom painted aerospoke/700c lavender h+son laced to high flange 32 hole black phil wood hub/650 HED3

Rear Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
White h+son laced to black 32 hole high flange phil wood

Crankset / Bottom Bracket:
Sugino 75 crankset/Sugino 75 Bottom bracket

Saddle / Seat Post:
San Marco Regal Saddle/ Elite Thomson seatpost

Pedals / Chain:
Mks pedals,toshi double leather straps, and soma double gated clips/ random chain.

Gearing / Chainring / Misc.:
EAI 17T Cog/48t 144bcd Sugino 75 chainring

One Response to Bike Check 1 2 : 06 Fuji Track Pro

  1. Ace Wagstaff says:

    Why can’t this bike be a woman? I just want to buy it flowers and not just any old service station bouquet, I’m talking about a purchasing a massive over-the-top gesture of my love made up of the most expensive roses hand picked by naked nubile virgins in a far off Scandinavian country where that kind thing is written into an employment contract, I want to serenade it with romantic ballads that I would have to learn another language in order to sing them, and then, I would ride it sweetly and passionately into the night.

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