ALIFE Art Machine

February 18, 2011

alife-art machine

This is a really dope concept from alife. It allows anyone and everyone to purchase a t-shirt and boxed art between $10 and $1200 in value at The Hole via a vending machine. Each piece is “blind boxed” and is concealed inside its packaging giving users an added jolt of excitement and suspense. Artists featured in this project include Bast, Eric Haze, Goeff McFetridge, Kenny Scharf, Neckface, Romon Yang aka “ROSTARR,” Ryan McGinness, Todd James and many more. If you’re free, go check out the Art Machine at The Hole now.

2 Responses to ALIFE Art Machine

  1. Ace Wagstaff says:

    This is a great idea. The presentation is immaculate!

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