LeBron James’s Massive Birthday Cake

January 5, 2011

lebron birthday cake

LeBron James recently celebrated his 26th birthday in extravagance with a ridiculously massive 5 layer cake thats spots his LJ initials on the front, red, gold and white colors and topped with a crown to complete the “King” theme. Hit the jump to read more.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James celebrated his 26th birthday with a ridiculous cake.

Critics have called Miami Heat forward LeBron James a selfish, oversized child, so it only makes sense that his 26th birthday party, which drew the likes of filmmaker Spike Lee and rapper Drake, came complete with a ridiculously oversized and self-reverential birthday cake, as noted in this morning’s Shootaround.

Here’s a look at the King-themed red, gold and white cake, which appears to be at least five layers, courtesy of James’ Twitter feed.

The cake sports “LJ,” James’ initials, and is topped with a crown to complete the “King” theme that seems to follow James everywhere he goes.

The cake was part of the party that was hyped up by a slideshow presentation that promised “a royal themed [party] fitting for a birthday celebration of a king, channeling an ambiance of extravagant court life” that would draw an “A-List crowd of multicultural, savvy trendsetters, and jetsetters that reinvent and set the tone for a chic lifestyle.”

Despite, or perhaps because of, the absurd cake, it sounds like James enjoyed himself. “Wanna thank all my family, friends and fans for the B-day S/O’s today,” James tweeted. “Love all u guys. Its gonna be another great year! Yes Sir!”

Words by Ben Golliver of CBS Sports

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