CaramelPOPS – Rococo Candy by Caramelaw

January 3, 2011

Caramel POPS

“I love candy! I am the candy princess. Feel like so…” – Caramelaw

This is goes out to all the Blythe addicts and other doll fans around the world. Caramelaw recently re-vamped her own creation and came up with this amazing CaramelPOPS custom doll called Rococo Candy. Apparently this doll was a remake of her first every Caramelpops dolly. this doll is so detailed its unbelievable. Hit the jump to read more about the doll from Caramelaw herself and view more images of her beautiful custom.

Rococo Candy was made long time ago. But I’ve decided to tear her apart one day and remake her again. She was in fact the very 1st Caramelpops dolly made.
Because her pony wasn’t ready yet, Piink gets to go 1st.

Rococo Candy is a very important custom to me. She was the one that started the new custom style that I have adapted. Her outfit was custom made by Yukijiro of La Princessa. Beautiful work I must say. Her workmanship on making dolly clothes is so intricate. I couldn’t ask for more.

The journey proved to be pretty tough,stressful and frustrating but nevertheless, really fun. I am glad I managed to finish her and am quite happy on how she turned out to be.

Rococo Candy 2.0 is born. Welcome to the reign of the new Caramelaw custom dollies : CaramelPOPS.

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