BRING IT! 3on3 Streetball Championships

January 25, 2011

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Who doesn’t love basketball…? Its one of the best sports in history hands down! And we at Fat Kids want to kick off 2011 with a little 3on3 streetball battle. The 3on3 will be held at a secret location in Melbourne and is proudly sponsored by ADIDAS and Dissizit.

If ya’ think yo’ team’s got the skills to take home $3,000 worth of prizes, a trophy and the “King of Streetball” title… register now.

NO RULES, NO second chances, S*** talk all you want, and WINNER TAKES ALL!

- There are ONLY 32 spots available
- All spots are strictly allocated on a first come first serve basis
- Location details will only be released to participants upon confirmation of registration.
- Registration closes 20th January 2011

Download Application Form and Rules & Regulations Below.
3on3 Application form
3on3 Rules and Regulations

18 Responses to BRING IT! 3on3 Streetball Championships

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  2. Nick Hallam says:

    Found my 3 man team, we shall bring some action. And keen to get my hands on some of those prizes…

  3. The Big Dog’s are in!

  4. Chris says:

    Is there an age limit in this Comp

  5. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    there is no age limit in this comp Chris… its open to all ages!

  6. Chris says:

    So if i joined i have to versus people like adults right?

  7. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    how old are ya? there might be a chance you would be going against adults, but that doesn’t mean they are better then you? ;o)

  8. Fenrat says:

    How big a squad can u have? Do we need singlets with numbers? Are there any spots left

  9. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    3 man team with 1 sub max. You can wear whatever you want (Streetball style). Yes there are spots still. Register quick tho… cuz the spots are goin’ fast.

  10. Carlos says:

    Do you need everyone’s contact dets on the reg form, or just the captain’s enough?

  11. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    compulsory to include everyone’s contact details… just incase we can’t get in touch with the captain.

  12. sarah says:

    Would this be suitable for 13 years old boys who play basketball and looking for a fun day out?

  13. sarah says:

    Are there still spots left?

  14. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    yes it would be suitable for people who just want to have a fun day out and yes there are spots left Sarah ;o) do get your application forms in asap.

  15. sarah says:

    Once we have paid and emailed forms how long till we get confirmation etc ?

  16. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    within 24 hours ;o)

  17. john johnsonsson says:

    so where the fuck is this thing

  18. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    location details are only released to all participants…

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