Zillion Vintage Kimono-wrapped Skateboards

December 17, 2010


We came across this dope creation by Zillion on Cool Hunting and couldn’t help it but share it with everyone. Who would’ve thought of wrapping skateboards with Kimono fabrics? David Guarino, head honcho of Tokyo based label Zillion has been collecting fabrics from around the world for nearly two decades now and his love for using kimono fabrics on unconventional items lead to this series of skateboards. The results are amazing.. Hit the jump to read more and vie more pictures of the kimono wrapped skateboards.

Tokyo-based label Zillion is the brainchild of French fabric enthusiast David Guarino, who began collecting Indian and Nepalese textiles nearly two decades ago. When his family moved to Japan, Guarino began sourcing old-school kimono cloth to use for caps, one of his favorite accessories. His fascination with applying kimono fabric to unconventional items led to an exceptional collection of hoodies, shoelaces, belts and more—and now a series of skateboards.

Completely covering each skateboard (some even have wheels and trucks), Guarino’s technical talent, as well as his expert eye for letting the pattern speak for itself, shows in each beautiful board. When CH commissioned Guarino to create these, we knew he wouldn’t fall flat, but the final product exceeded our expectations. The combination of intricate traditional graphics with the modern skateboard silhouette makes for a curious concept with each as uniquely compelling as the next.

The limited-edition collection was crafted in two styles—with wheels ($850) or without ($750)—that look fantastic either individually or grouped together.

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