“The Temple of Bodhi” Custom Qee by Troy Stith

December 8, 2010


Bodhi is a 20″ custom Qee that Troy Stith completed for the “Qee to the City” show recently and it looks amazing. Read more about his magnificent creation and view more images after the jump.

The Temple of Bodhi is revered as one of the most sacred sites in Tu’R'Land. Only the strongest in mind and body can make the trip to the top. It’s said that most that make it to the top, are never seen again. Those who do return, spread the word of knowledge and social progress. Hoping to help change the minds of those who have given in to Mafic’s tirade.

Mafic knew that the Temple of Bodhi stood in his way of conquering Tu’R'Land, so he sent his dark minion Bedlam to do his dirty work. Striking a blow that reverberated across the land. Mafic’s henchman not only desecrated holy ground, he awakened the slumbering temple giant Bodhi. Upon Bodhi’s awakening, Bedlam fled to tell his master of the giant’s awakening. Taking the ear of Bodhi with him to prove that he had not failed Mafic.

Bodhi now searches the land for those responsible for destroying his temple and awakening him from years of deep meditation. Adding another member of light to battle against Mafic and his dark quest.

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