Movie Review: Bunny and the Bull

November 9, 2010


Stephen turn bull hasn’t left the house in months. When an infestation of mice wrecks havoc on his precious routine, he finds his mind hurtling back to the disastrous trek round Europe he undertook the previous year with his best friend, Bunny. With awesome yet strange sense of comedy and brilliant set designs we are happy that Madman Entertainment presented this film to us for reviewing.

In an attempt to shake Stephen’s life up, Bunny forces him to embark on an epic road trip, in which they stumble upon a demented dog loving homeless man, an astonishingly dull tour guide for a shoe museum, and an alcoholic ex-matador. But it is the superstitious waitress Eloisa, who stole their hearts. An unlikely love triangle develops, and the trio are propelled from the industrial wastelands of Poland to the haunting fields of Spain, where Bunny decides to fight a Bull.


It is obvious that this movie is British, not because of the actors, but because of its dry, subtle, intelligent and well timed style of humor. Each character has their own unique traits that make them interesting and fun to watch, including the boring shoe museum tour guide. What makes it even more hilarious is the interaction and contrast between each character in the movie.


The camera work is simple and the majority of shots used are wide angles because it focuses on the comedic dialogue, characters’ actions, expressions, and awesome sets the scenes were filmed in. The set designers did an amazing job building them from scratch and take our hats off to them. The space definitely brought out each character’s persona, much like a Tim Burton film.


The music in the movie is hauntingly slow, which works surprisingly well with the style of the movie and characters in it. The tune picks up at certain times when something funny or quirky happens, but a lot of the time, its just non-existent. Funnily enough, works wonders.


This is a great film to watch. Filled with humor, quirky characters, intelligent lines and on top of it all, an original set design. Speaking of which, the set designs alone makes up for everything the movie lacks, which isn’t much at all. If you like Wayne’s World, British comedy, and Tim Burton, you will definitely love “Bunny and the Bull”.


Check out this official trailer to get a rough idea of what to expect:

You can get your copy here from Madman Entertainment


words by Kevin Monster

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